Little Sail: alpine-based images for Laravel Sail

Little Sail: alpine-based images for Laravel Sail

In my last article, it was clear I got the Apple M1 and I started using it for development. Laravel is my usual go to framework while developing and Laravel now has a little optional Docker development machine that can be added to it called Sail.

After getting the M1 to work with Docker I started using Sail and I quickly noticed the base image for the PHP runtime was over 600mb. As someone with a low storage Mac, I don't think I want to be giving Docker this much space to keep an image.

Terminal Laravel Sail alpine

So I decided to make Little Sail. It is basically a drop-in replacement for the current Laravel Sail image runtime. Currently it only supports PHP 8.0 but I think this will change very soon as I think it should not be too hard to have an identical image for the 7.4 version of PHP (feel free to submit a PR). PHP 7.4 is now supported.

Anyway, it is available for use now and you can report any bugs or send PRs if you think it could be better somehow. I guess the next thing to add to the package will be PHP 7.4 and smaller MySQL images.